The Buddha Painting Program

Paint the energy of Buddha for peace and centering…

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We are all gathering in our collective “studio” and creating our OMMMMMM…

Join Whitney Freya and hundreds of compassionate creatives to paint your own Buddha painting!

Enjoy 8 instructional videos…joining Whitney “live” as she paints Buddha and guides you every brush stroke of the way!

Also, learn Whitney Freya’s version of the Buddhist TONGLEN Practice. Learn how you can surrender to any low vibration and transform it into LOVE that will ripple out around the planet! Oh, yeah!

When you join , you get to be a part of this FIRST EVER group painting Buddha together here in Whitney Freya’s new classroom! AND you have lifetime access!

Past students have painted LOTS of Buddhas and even sold their paintings and Buddha commissions!

Now it’s your turn!!! Let’s get your OM !

Course Outline

Lesson ONE

In Lesson #1 of the Buddha Painting Program you will learn how to create an EASY and fun FIRST LAYER. When we make this first layer INTERESTING it spills over into the rest of the painting and makes the entire process easier. In each lesson I will share images from different Buddha paintings as they were created and written commentary on the steps being illustrated.

Lesson TWO

In Lesson #2 of the Buddha Painting Program we will OUTLINE the BUDDHA. We will learn how to watch the Buddha reveal himself, rather than worrying about “how to do it perfectly”. Painting creates mindfulness and a meditative state. VERY Buddha!

Lesson THREE

In Lesson #3 of the Buddha Painting Program we will ADD DEPTH to the Buddha. We will mostly use BURNT UMBER, WHITE and YELLOW to block out the light and dark areas. Then, we can start to play again! As you “get better” at painting, you are actually getting better at SEEING.

Lesson FOUR

In Lesson #4 of the Buddha Painting Program we will ADD MORE COLOR back into the Buddha and we will focus on the EYES. So get your other paint colors back out and prepare to also learn about creating depth, and the subtleties of painting faces. It is not hard! You will get better at SEEING.

Lesson FIVE

In Lesson #5 of the Buddha Painting Program we will get into the Buddha’s NOSE– not literally of course, hee hee. I remember the first time I painted a nose. I can still picture where I was painting at The Creative Fitness Center. It was an angel and it had the most perfectly, and not intentionally, placed piece of fabric that really helped it all to come together. I was ecstatic. Noses can be scary.

Lesson SIX

In Lesson #6 of the Buddha Painting Program we will complete our Buddha Painting Experience. We will play with more layers of color, then scrape some away, add some drips and a couple OOOPS…then, voila! Every woops, drip, layer and line will come together to create your own, special, unique expression of the Buddha energy. I am so grateful for you spending this time for yourself.

Whitney started painting Buddhas during a very challenging time in her life. ONCE SHE FELT how the energy of Buddha on the canvas seemed to bathe her in a whole new kind of PEACE…she painted A LOT of Buddhas!

About Whitney

Whitney Freya has been facilitating creative learning since 1996 when she opened The Creative Fitness Center. Since then, she has travelled globally as a creativity expert, published three books on personal creativity, including her latest book launching now, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time, and founded her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program to ensure as many people as possible remember their infinite creative nature in as supportive a way as possible.

Whitney has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She has appeared on summits alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden & more. Humanitarian News recognized Whitney for her work with Women for Women International. She lives in the “wild west” of NE Oregon with her three teenagers, who LOVE to “think creatively!” Learn more and connect at

''I LOVED painting Buddha''

I had JUST learned to paint from Whitney when I took her Buddha Painting Course. I LOVED painting Buddha and learned so much through this course…about painting AND compassion! On my YouTube Channel you will see how many videos I create with one of my Buddha paintings!

– Marie Mbouni


''Beauty was unleashed in my life!''

After taking Paint Buddha with Whitney a wave of Buddha beauty was unleashed in my life! This painting was a commission someone asked me to create after seeing my paintings!

– Karen Adamski


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